Why invest in Maple Grove?

Sangley airport near Maple Grove

In the race to build a new international airport to eventually replace the congested Ninoy Aqino International Airport in Manila, the province of Cavite is settling on a new strategy to hasten the approval of its proposal.
The Inquirer learned that the Cavite government, which had submitted an offer to build a P508-billion airport complex on a reclaimed land in Sangley Point, had proposed on May 24 to pursue its plan under the local Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Code.

According to documents submitted to the Neda on Dec. 17, Phase 1 involves the opening of one runway and a capacity of 25 million passengers.

Expansion will come in phases that will see it eventually have four runways and an annual capacity of 135 million passengers—the internal forecast beyond 2040. The proposal also includes a “connector bridge” that will cut travel time between Sangley and Makati to 30 minutes.

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